Welcome to the Pyramid Condominiums

9500 coastal highway. Ocean City, Maryland 21842


  1. Rules: All person(s) visiting and/or residing at and in The Pyramid Condominium shall abide by the rules and regulations of said Condominium declaration, bylaws, noise ordinance of the Town of Ocean City, and other applicable local, county, and state laws. All owners are responsible for the conduct of your guests/renters and the number of occupants in your unit in accordance with the Maryland State Fire Marshal’s Office. Owners, guests, or renters who have children are responsible for actions and conduct of their children at all times.

  2. Eviction: All rental/lease agreements, written and verbal, shall provide that tenants are subject to immediate eviction from the leased premises by the owner or local agent or in their absence or unavailability, by the Pyramid management or designee for violation of Pyramid Rules and Regulations, Condominium Declaration, Bylaws, noise ordinance of the Town of Ocean City, and applicable local, county, and state laws. Each lease agreement shall be acknowledged by the tenant, in writing, and proof of same shown to the registration official prior to being issued a parking pass.

  3. Local Agent: Unit Owners who rent or lease their units and do not reside in Worcester County, Maryland, must designate a "Local Representative" (a person 21 years of age or older who resides in Worcester County, Maryland) to be responsible for taking prompt, reasonable and effective action to correct problems created by tenants. If any unit owner does not have a "Local Representative" and the Pyramid management staff and security staff is required to intervene for the safety or repair of owner's unit and/or for the safety and convenience of guests or tenants of an owner and for the safety and protection of other unit's and/or common areas of the Pyramid, the Owner will be assessed a fee of $150.00 per incident. Written notice of the name, address and telephone number of each local agent shall be given to the Board of Directors or the Pyramid Management Staff by April 19 each year.

  4. Pets: Only unit owners may have animals on the condominium property (units and common elements). As set forth in the Rules and Regulations Pertaining to Owner's Pets established by the Board of Directors, a copy of which is attached and incorporated herein.

  5. Key: All owners must provide the Board with a key for every access to their unit, and, if the lock or locks are changed, the Board must be immediately notified and new keys to be provided to Pyramid Management Staff.

  6. Car: As set forth in Motor Vehicles & Parking RULES AND REGULATIONS established by the Board of Directors, a copy of which is attached ad incorporated herein.

  7. Balconies and Walkways: All owners, guests. and renters are prohibited from:
    • Throwing any materials or objects, sweeping or shaking form balconies, walkways, and stairways.
    • Cooking on grills, hibachis and other cooking devices on balconies, walkways, and stairways. (City Ordinance)
    • Storing of furniture or other items on walkways or stairways. (City Ordinance)
    • Nothing shall be draped on balcony walls and/or rails of balconies, walkways or stairways.
    • Installing and/or maintaining ropes, wire or any type of line strung across balconies.
    • All types of beach equipment and/or beach chairs stored on walkways and/or stairways.
    • Standing, sitting or leaning on any balcony or walkway railings. 

  8. Alcohol: Alcoholic beverages may not be consumed or carried in open container in any of the common areas of the condominium, including the parking lot, lobby, elevators, pool deck, unless authorized by the Board of Directors

  9. Noise/Radios: Radios, phonographs, televisions, tape layers and similar devices shall not be operated at unreasonable levels or times that annoy OF disturb any other person at the condominium, and no person shall make any other unreasonable loud noise that may annoy or disturb any person at the condominium.
  10. Trash: The trash chute shall not be used between 9 P.M. and 9 A M. All trash being placed in the trash chute or placed in the trash bins on the north side of the building shall be in bags. Disposal of large items, such as furniture, appliances, floor coverings, and other heavy or bulky trash are the responsibility of the owner and should not be left on Pyramid property. Any owner in violation will be fined $100.00 on a per incident bases.

    All contractors performing repairs and/or renovation work in individual units and/or for the Pyramid Condominium Association will be required to make arrangements for the disposal of all work, related refuse. No Contractor will be allowed to use the Pyramids' dumpster, trash bins or common areas for the disposal of their work refuse. Any contractor in violation of the regulation will be fined $100.00 on a per incident bases. Any Contractor who is fined and does not pay the fine within 30 days, the unit owner of the Contractor will become responsible for such liability of his or her Contractors liability. (See attached rules for Contractors)

  11. Loitering: Loitering in lobbies, hallways, walkways, elevators, stairways and the parking lot is not permitted, and no obstruction or personal items shall be placed on walkways, hallways or stairways.

  12. Common Areas: No running, skateboarding, roller skates, roller blades, frisbees, balls or playing of any kind permitted on hallways, deck area, parking lot or on any common areas.

  13. Luggage Carts: During the summer seasons only, carts may be checked out with Security Guards in the lobby. Proper identification or a SIO 00 deposit will be required as a security deposit. If the cart is not returned within a 30-minute time period, the $10.00 deposit will be forfeited.

  14.  Wet Suits: Persons with dripping-wet bathing suits and/or sand on their bodies shall not enter the building.

  15. Six or Eight Occupants: One bedroom units shall be limited to the overnight occupancy of no more than 6 persons, and the overnight occupancy of two bedroom units is limited to no more than 8 persons in accordance with the Maryland State Fire Marshals Offce or in accordance with city ordinance and/or laws of the State of Maryland.

  16. Pool: Pool procedures and guidelines as established by the Board of Directors as referred to under Pool Rules and Regulations as attached and incorporated herein.

  17. Smoking: No Smoking in any indoor common areas. (Maryland State Laws)

  18. Sea Gulls: Feeding sea gulls or other birds from balconies, walkways or common areas is not permitted

  19. Alterations: No one may change or alter any limited common element, including but not limited to balconies, or any structural alterations inside the unit without prior written permission from the Board of Directors. Any changes in architectural appearance of the glass wall/door must be approved by the Board of Directors. It is recommended that the installer use the sliding glass door flashing detailed diagram available in the Management Office. It should be noted that the detailed diagram be included in a contract with a contractor or installer. In addition, the installation of any new floor surface, such as hardwood, tile, and solid surfaces (anything other than carpet with customary padding) inside a unit that can transmit sound, must be installed with sound deadening materials, such as Keratotic PRP 304 or Noble Seal SIS, or their equivalent.

  20. Condominium Fees: Per Article V, Sections I (A) and I(B) of the Pyramid Condominium By- Laws, Condominium fees are collected in accordance with the By-Laws of the Pyramid Condominium Association and the Condominium laws of the State of Maryland. Condominium fees are due and payment required on the first (1st) day of the month. Any assessment, or installment thereof, not paid when due shall bear interest, from the date when due until paid at the rate provided in the By-Laws, not exceeding 18% 180/0) per annum. A late charge of $15 00 or one-tenth (1/10) of the total amount of any delinquent assessment or installment, whichever is greater, shall be imposed, one times for each delinquent payment if the delinquency has continued for at least 15 calendar days. If a unit owner fails to pay an installment when due, the Council of Unit Owners may demand payment of the remaining annual assessment coming due within that fiscal year. A demand for accelerated payment by the Council is not enforceable unless the Council, within 15 days of a unit owner's failure to pay an installment, notifies the unit owner that if the unit owner fails to pay the monthly installment within 15 days of the notice, full payment of the remaining annual assessment will then be due and shall constitute a lien on the unit as provided in the By-Laws. Per Article V, Section I (B) Any assessment which is not paid may be reduced to a lien and foreclosed pursuant to the Pyramid Condominium By-Laws and the Maryland Condominium Act. A unit owner may not vote at a meeting of the Council of Unit Owners if a statement of condominium lien has been filed against the unit owner's unit and the lien has not been released prior to the meeting. The Board has the prerogative upon majority vote to waive the Acceleration Rule based on circumstances in each case and upon the history of the unit and account involved.

  21. Fireworks: Prohibit the maintenance. possession, or use of fireworks or such materials from the Pyramid, the grounds, and the beach in front of the building.

  22. Drones and/or Unmanned Aircraft (aka Drones): The Pyramid Condominium Association prohibits the launching, landing or operation of unmanned aircraft from the building or property boundaries owned by the association. including, but not limited to, Drones, Quadcopters, and other remotely piloted aircraft.

  23. Property Damage Assessment: The Board of Directors and/or the Management Staff will hold any owner, guest or tenant liable for any or all direct or indirect actions resulting in damage to any common area of the Pyramid. The Management Staff is authorized to assess a reasonable cost of reimbursement from any owner, guest or tenant for actions or inactions resulting is said damages. Any or all acts of vandalism, which can be verified by our management or security staff, by an owner, guest, tenant, or intruder will be assessed a reasonable replacement cost for such repair of damage by such action. In addition, the Board of Directors reserves the right to prosecute in the courts of Maryland any or all individuals associated with any act or acts of vandalism upon the property or common areas of the Pyramid.

  24. Enforcement: Enforcement of the above Rules and Regulations are the responsibility of the General Manager. Security and staff members are in turn authorized to assist in this enforcement- Owners, guests or renters who are found to be in violation of a section of the rules or regulations set forth by the Board of Directors of the Pyramid Condominium Association and has been issued a Violation Notice which impose a fine, may in writing request a hearing regarding the violation no later than 14 days after the date of "Violation Notice" to the Board of Directors. Any imposed fine not paid for after the 1 5th day from the date of the "Violation Notice", and no hearing has been requested, a lien may be filed against the owner’s unit. Any imposed fine not paid for after a hearing has been held and wherein said violation found to be justified as issued, after the 15th day of the date of the hearing, a lien may be filed against the owner’s unit. After a request for a hearing has been made, the Board shall appoint a hearing panel on or 5 persons, the majority of such panel members to ne non-board members to hear the matters at issue and determine if violation has occurred and also to determine the fairness of the fine, which the panel may reduce but not increase

  25. Amendment: These Rules and Regulations may be amended by the Board of Directors pursuant to the By-Laws and the Maryland Condominium Act.



 EMERGENCY PHONE NUMBERS:        Security Guard - (410) 524-4579 (Summer Only)

                                                      Manager's Office - (410) 524-4479

                                                      Emergency Pager - (410) 334-5060