Welcome to the Pyramid Condominiums

9500 coastal highway. Ocean City, Maryland 21842


Owners will be entitled to one parking pass per unit which will be permanently affixed to the rear view mirror of the primary vehicle. Said vehicle must be registered in the management office.

Any owner who presently rents or loans his or her unit to any other party, such party will be considered a renter and will be required to obtain a parking permit through our in-house real estate office paying the prescribed fee. This Does Not Apply to Owner's Immediate Family (Spouse and Children). Immediate family members may pick up a “temporary owner's pass" from the Pyramid Management office.

During the period from Memorial Day through October 15th the following policy will apply:

  1. One motor vehicle per unit shall be permitted on the parking lot at any time and shall be registered with the Condominium Management office in accordance with the procedure and guidelines established by the Board of Directors. Such vehicle must display a valid parking permit issued to the owner.

  2. The only exception to the aforementioned policy is that during the season (Memorial Day to October 15th) owners may obtain a second car parking permit for the period 6:00 p.m. Sunday continuing until 3:00 p.m. on the following Friday on a day to day basis when there is available space on the parking lot at the discretion of the Board of Directors and/or the General Manager. It is the Board-s desire that all efforts will be made to accommodate owners who require two (2) car permits during midweek of the summer season.

  3. Social Guests of Owners:
    The Pyramid Management will provide social guests of owners, on a space available basis, a visitor's pass and/or registration at the security desk for a limited time period parking in a designated visitors parking area.

  4. Motor Vehicle & Pleasure Equipment Limitations:
    • No trucks over 1 ton will be allowed parking permits.
    • No campers are permitted on parking lot.
    • No boats and/or trailers are permitted on parking lot.