Welcome to the Pyramid Condominiums

9500 coastal highway. Ocean City, Maryland 21842


The Board of Directors, as authorized by the Declaration and Bylaws, deems it necessary to establish policies regarding pets in the building.  The following policies have been adopted:

  1. Only Pyramid owners in residence may have their own pet on Condominium property. Relatives, friends, and tenants may not have pets. Pets not belonging to an owner and not registered with the manager's office are not permitted on Condominium property. There will be up to $250.00 fine for non-compliance with this regulation. Pets are allowed subject to these Rules and Regulations and also that such pets are not a nuisance as determined by the Board of Directors.

  2. One pet is allowed per unit. Pets are limited to domestic cats, dogs, and caged birds. Maximum weight for a cat or dog is 50 pounds at full maturity. Compliance with these requirements will be by attrition, i.e. existing owner pets will not be prohibited, but all new or replacement pets must comply.

  3. All owners' pets must be registered in the manager's office. Registration will require filling out an application which will require a picture of the pet, proof of current rabies vaccination, and proof of licensing in the owner's local area, if required, and licensing requirement of local Ocean City or local authorities. This information must be updated when required by law. A registration card will be issued for the pet which the owner should carry while in the building. Each pet will receive a tag which must be worn when the pet is staying at the pyramid.

  4. Pets must be carried or on a short leash at all times, and must be attended by a responsible person when in the common areas. Pets are not allowed in any recreation areas or pool deck area, and can only pass through the common areas to reach the owner's unit. Courtesy from all owners is requested for transporting pets on elevators.

  5. Owners are, by law, responsible for picking up pet feces promptly. Pooper scoopers and cans are provided for this purpose. This is a city ordinance and is in force all year. No pet owner may allow a pet to relieve itself in the building or any exterior common areas except for the dog walks located on the north and south of the building. Owners are responsible for removing pets' waste if an accident occurs on the common areas and disposal of the waste as provided in the dog walk areas. Only areas designated for such use nay be used for dog walking.

  6. Violation of rule 5 will result in a fine for each incident not to exceed $100.

  7. No dog shall be permitted to bark, howl or make other loud noises for such an unreasonable tine which may disturb neighbors' rest or peaceful enjoyment of their unit or the common areas.

  8. All Local government laws and regulations pertaining to animals must be obeyed and will be enforced.

  9. Any infraction of a rule for which a fine has not been specified will be from $10 to $100.

  10. All pet owners are responsible for property damage, disturbances or injuries caused by their pets. The bylaws give the Board of Directors the right (after a hearing) to require the removal of any pet which is a nuisance. The Board will have the sole power to make that determination. Any substantiated report regarding a pet's vicious propensity will necessitate immediate removal of the pet until there has been a hearing and a final determination is made by the Board of Directors.