Welcome to the Pyramid Condominiums

9500 coastal highway. Ocean City, Maryland 21842


  1. No owner, tenant or occupant nay make or authorize any repair, renovation, change or modification of a unit during the time period between Memorial Day and Labor Day except for emergency repairs or by Manager and/or Board approval.

  2. All repairs, renovations, changes of any unit from Labor Day to Memorial Day shall be done between 9:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. on week days, except for emergency repairs or with the General Manager's approval.

  3. No key to a unit will be released without the authorization of the owner. Keys signed out of the management office be returned before 5:00 p.m. As a courtesy to owners, the management will cooperate in providing keys for access to an owner's unit with the proper authorization. Excessive requests by owners to provide access to a unit will not be honored. Owners requiring recurring access to their units will be required to provide their own access arrangements.

  4. ALL contractors , repair people delivery people, etc. , performing work in the Pyramid must be properly licensed and insured, and must supply the management office with a certificate of insurance for our files.

  5. All debris from construction, carpet, old appliances, etc. , is to be removed from Pyramid property by the contractor or delivery company. Under no circumstance will any debris be placed in dumpsters belonging to the Pyramid.

  6. All loading of tools, construction materials, appliances, furniture, etc., will enter and exit the building through the rear lobby door only. Use of Pyramid luggage carts is prohibited. -- There are old carts, used for construction purposes, at the rear of the south side garage for your use.

  7. Removing the tops from the elevator cabs is prohibited. If it becomes necessary to remove any part of the elevator for furniture deliveries, construction materials, etc., contact the management office for assistance. Your company will be held responsible and charged for any damage to the elevators (or any other part of the building) which is caused by your people.

  8. Under no circumstance will any items be stored in pyramid storage rooms.

BY Direction of
The Board of Directors