Text and photos reprinted with permission of William Morgan Architects

"It's the damnedest thing I've ever tackled. But frankly, I've never been as proud of a job I worked on as I am of this one".
Jimmy Hamm, Construction Superintendent, Pyramid

It's an enormous undertaking with enorrmous rewards. It's the Pyramid and it could be your vacation home.

The Pyramid was designed by celebrated architect William Morgan. Famous for his earth form architecture, he works with the landscape instead of against it. His award winning buildings (including his own home) show concern for the earth, and use it as a dramatic element of design.  But, his foremost achievement lies in designs that give man full enjoyment of the natural surroundings.

Inspired by the rythm and natural forms of wind-sculpted beach dunes, the initial design envisioned three housing structures composed of folded vertical slabs-towers towards the land, to the west, and pyramidal masses stepping down to the beach, to the east. The original design also proposed a low horizontal recreation deck to be placed parallel to the access road, binding the three housing structures together and creating a street edge.

Only one of the housing structures was realized, containing 171 one and two-bedroom apartments, with the bedrooms on the west or land side, and the living-dining spaces opening to the east or ocean side, each provided with a spacious balcony. The ingenious plan involves interlocking the units through small offsets in the parallel walls between, in such a way that each unit "borrows" space from the balcony of one neighbor and from the bathroom corridor of the other in order to create 16-foot wide living-dining rooms. Access to the apartments is through continuous exterior balcony corridors on the land side, each of which begins at the central stair and elevator tower and terminates in a stair which switch-backs in three-run stacks down the stepped ends of the pyramidal mass, creating the building's syncopated sculptural edges.

The building sweeps up 19 stories above the water's edge. Elevators and landscaped parking areas are on the bay side of the buildings, leaving the ocean side unobscured.

Welcome to the Pyramid Condominiums

9500 coastal highway. Ocean City, Maryland 21842

From the start in 1973, it's been like that with almost everyone involved in the Pyramid - the architect, contractors, sub-contractors, everyone. Working on Pyramid has been a one in a lifetime experience.The reason is largely because of the condominum's concept: To build something unlike anything else. Something forward thinking, but with an almost renaissance-like devotion to quality. Quality with no compromises.